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SoSa: Now on iPhone and iPad!

Tech, Updates November 25th, 2017

After years of forging inside the depths of Mordor the iPhone app is finally here! 

As you know it’s past has been a troubled one, whilst we had an Android app in 2014 it’s taken years to bring the iPhone app to the table.

TL;DR: App doesn’t have all the features but a lot

There are two ways to get it:

  1. Either visit the App Store and search “SoSa” (this helps us the most)
  2. Download by clicking:

Some History

I started making it myself, then because I was so busy I hired someone – which didn’t work out. Then a year later, I reached out to hire someone again, who was meant to be TheSire but as we know he barely even knows how to use a computer much less build an app.

About a two months ago, following a failed Xamarin app I was in a pickle and had an app to finish – that’s when I discovered how versatile Phonegap was, how quick it was to develop with and equally surprised about how well it runs on iOS. So I started building the app using that.

That is what I present to you today, in all it’s glory!

What’s it got?

It’s not 100% complete, The website is about to get a complete overhaul and based on how easy it is to work with Phonegap i’m going to use it as a platform for testing some newer features and true up the vision for SoSa.

For now it has the following core features:

  • Chat
  • Private messaging
  • Discussions
  • Meetups
  • Basic Profiles
  • Push notifications

What’s coming before the end of the year?

  • Subscription features (colours, who’s viewed me)
  • Uploads – to share pictures and things
  • Camera integration
  • Notifications
  • Getting Started screens / tutorials
  • Sexychat – hopefully (depends on Apple!)


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