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March 3rd, 2017by James

Watch: SoSa Plays Team Fortress Death Run

Check out our meetup from January, Team Fortress Death Run!  

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March 1st, 2017by James

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Just a few days ago we hit our 3 year anniversary. For the last two, I’ve talked about how Social Savanna has affected me and my life and how the community has changed me, whilst that never stops being true, Social Savanna is about the community. It’s more than me. It’s about you. It’s amazing

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February 13th, 2017by James

Watch: SoSa plays Murder!

Highlights from our Garry’s Mod Murder meetup  

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January 31st, 2017by James

Orangebolt222 – January Member Of The Month

It’s 2017 and that means we need a Member of the Month for January! We’re finally back on track with things so these will be happening every month! To start this year off, we’ve chosen to dedicate our Member of the Month award to… Orangebolt222, aka Jared! Jared is an active, kind member ...

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November 18th, 2016by James

Watch: SoSa plays War Thunder

Highlights from our War Thunder meetup!  

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